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The Tale of Sir-Boast-a-Lot Wallpaper by maddixp381 The Tale of Sir-Boast-a-Lot Wallpaper :iconmaddixp381:maddixp381 4 0 Dull by maddixp381 Dull :iconmaddixp381:maddixp381 0 0 John and Sherlock by maddixp381 John and Sherlock :iconmaddixp381:maddixp381 3 12
The anthropophobia
The worst fear in the world
People, society,
Makes your fingers curl
The anthropophobia
The truth feels so wrong
Crying because of love
Becoming an automaton
The anthropophobia
It leaves a scar
Alone everywhere
Left with the stars
The anthropophobia
Can't stand being touched
A dying heart
Feeling the rush
The anthropophobia
Its name makes us shake
No living being here
To give or to take
The anthropophobia
Haunts everyday
Unexpected, suddenly
Will take you away
The anthropophobia
No difference between
Friends and strangers
Stay quiet, all mean.
:iconmaddixp381:maddixp381 1 0
Not a Psychopath by maddixp381 Not a Psychopath :iconmaddixp381:maddixp381 0 0 Nerdfighting by maddixp381 Nerdfighting :iconmaddixp381:maddixp381 2 0
Holding Your Hand
A Saturday night
Just you and me on the couch
We were holding hands
Some show on TV
I didn't even notice
I had squeezed your hand
You laughed and told me
That I was squeezing too tight
Well, what can I say?
Just holding your hand
It makes me feel so happy
Don't want to let go
:iconmaddixp381:maddixp381 2 1
The Westing Game by maddixp381 The Westing Game :iconmaddixp381:maddixp381 1 5
Mature content
Questions :iconmaddixp381:maddixp381 0 3
Only You by maddixp381 Only You :iconmaddixp381:maddixp381 1 0
There's Kind of This Girl
So there's kind of this boy
who's kind of ok.
And when I talk to him,
I know it makes his day.
There's kind of this dance.
I kind of want to go.
And if I'd ask,
I know he'd show.
But there's kind of this girl
I want to ask to the dance.
I want to hold her tight.
I us to hold hands.
I want to tell her that she's beautiful
and I want to walk her home.
I could kiss her good-night
and then I'd finally know.
I'd finally know
whether it was worth all the stress.
I could finally see her
in her gorgeous dress.
But I don't want to loose her
because she is my friend.
And if she says no,
I don't want that to end.
I'm still pretty sure
that she doesn't have a date.
I'm afraid that I'll loose my chance
if I sit around and wait.
If she doesn't want to go,
maybe I could go with that boy.
But I don't like him that way
and I'd be playing with him like a toy.
I could ask to go as friends
and I wouldn't risk it all,
but it'd break my heart
if I say that when I call.
I just wish it could be more simple.
:iconmaddixp381:maddixp381 2 7
I Let You Down by maddixp381 I Let You Down :iconmaddixp381:maddixp381 1 14 You're Never Not You, Are You? by maddixp381 You're Never Not You, Are You? :iconmaddixp381:maddixp381 0 0 Kiss Me 2 by maddixp381 Kiss Me 2 :iconmaddixp381:maddixp381 0 0 Kiss me 1 by maddixp381 Kiss me 1 :iconmaddixp381:maddixp381 0 0 Wish I Could Stay by maddixp381 Wish I Could Stay :iconmaddixp381:maddixp381 5 5


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Sure you're straight Dash I totally believe you
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What is this madness??
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